Driving Customer Experience Forward

Customer Experience or CX is a major buzzword today and its growing importance is undeniable. While many companies seem to be embarking on one CX initiative or another, very few are really serious about CX. When I talk about serious, let us be honest here. An organization today may have allocated some budget for a particular Customer Experience initiative but if we investigate properly, that initiative was very likely something thatwas already planned and may have little or no impact on CX but actually used the CX cover or reason to secure budget. The reason it sounds familiar is because we’ve participated in many Customer Experience Transformation projects and many seem to be process re-engineering or process improvement projects.
So to be really serious about CX is a different thing altogether. Can you guess why Uber, Airbnb, Grab, Alipay, GoJek or UberEats is so popular and disruptive today?
It’s the Customer Experience.
If you think about yourself, you will definitely come to the same conclusion. For example, I’m a heavy Uber user. Thinking about my own convenience, I can get the car arriving just when I need it. Recently, when I had to fly for work, I can order the car to my home while I’m getting ready and by the time I’m ready, the car is outside my door. On the way back, I’m requesting the car the moment I pick up my bags from the luggage carousel and its ready and waiting the moment I step out the terminal doors.
If you think this is all customer service and doesn’t really impact the bottom line despite all the disruptive players today, then do take a look at the following research numbers from Forrester. It’s not rocket science (or maybe it is – thats why few organizations really do this well) but better experience is the key differentiator in the global economy and is proven over and over again to delivery better customer loyalty, higher margins (think Apple) and customer retention.

Customers, myself and most likely yourself are not willing to suffer through bad design or experiences anymore. We want things fast, at our fingertips and easy. So in order to really be serious about CX is to start from the top-down. Organization top management needs to be serious and be ready to change. Then, let’s start to get to work.
We can help you start with CX 1.0 and CX 2.0 by exploring and work strategically with your organization to embark on this CX Transformation journey. We work to explicitly define your brand and brand promise and then we will explore your customer touch points, interactions and organization to map our the customer journey map. Even if you have started on this journey, we can help validate with our 3D CX Methodology and Persona generator to validate and confirm your findings.
If you’re really serious about CX, do talk to us. We’re not just serious about it, it is our passion.

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