Learn to Succeed in a VUCA world

Welcome to the VUCA world. V stands for Volitility, U stands for Uncertainty, C stands for Complex and A stands for Ambiguity. Not exactly the best environment for success. Digital is disrupting established brands and products, the global economy now means that you need to worry about more external threats instead of just your competitor down the road. How does an organization prepare for such an environment?
An organization’s strength and capability is in its people so it is logical that we need to get the people trained and ready. Many would be rolling their eyes now that I’ve talked about training because we all have bad experiences or poor results from lots of training we have attended or have sent our employees to. I’m now talking about simulation instead. Do you remember the miracle landing on the Hudson river in New York in 2009? If you’ve managed to listen to the voice recording of Captain Sullenberger, you would have noticed one feature. Calmness. There was no panic, just very focused and methodical thinking and approach. Similarly, in 2010 when a Qantas A380 had an engine blow-up after taking off from Singapore, Captain Champion de Crespigny and the crew were just going about purposefully with the goal of bringing the giant jet back down on a runway safely.
Why were the pilots so calm? The answer is unsurprising. Practice. They practice a lot. A lot of times, the practice is a disaster. They practice for problems, issues and challenges. They do it over and over again until when the real thing happens, teamwork magically happens and everyone knows what to do and lives are saved. The press call it a miracle. The truth is that is it only magic and miraculous because of constant simulator practice.

With Celemi Tango™, Apples and Oranges™ and Enterprise™ business simulations, you and your team get to run a business, make decisions based on limited available data, strategize and plan for the market success only to find out if you’ve made an error in judgement or misread a situation. It is nerve-racking, high-stress and engaging kind of simulation that your employees will not want to leave but clamor for one more year to prove themselves. Success can be fleeting and simple mistakes can compound the situation quickly and turn dire. It’s a high stakes simulation for sure.
However, like the pilots, better make the mistakes in the simulator than in real life. You may not have a few hundred lives at stake but there could be a few million dollars or the next big project. Don’t trust to chance and luck. If you’re on-board those aircraft, I’m sure you’re glad the pilots did their simulator training. Likewise, if you’re a CEO, manager or business owner, when the situations turn challenging, would you want your team to trust chance and luck? I think not.

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